the infamous billy mack ivan of home base studio six will be doing thefiring today...


1.  Studio4 Production Asst.  Roger Wheeler
     Fired    -  you don't show-you no go

2.  Studio8 Tape Reeler   TeddyCox
     Fired    -  if you ever pull something like that again, you're body-bagged

3.   Studio7and9    All RTPrunners
     Fired   -  term is up and who cares anyways

4.   Transport/Eastern Div.   Driver   Wally Riggs
     Fired   -  I slept with your wife

5.   Studio5    Engineer   Charles Babyshitsuckerorwhatever
     Warning  - last and big ass warning  - got it?

6.   Studio2   Everybody (evenyou Melda)
     Fired   -theplace is falling apart and we're sick of carrying your ass, consider yourselvesstorage.

    That's it for now. Enjoy the rest of your day.  BMI